Pan Fry Chicken Recipes

Chicken pan fry recipes perfect for dinner

We have selected our top ten chicken pan fry recipes, which are ideal for a quick dinner after a busy day at work. We have chicken breast and chicken thigh recipes all simple to cook and with delicious sides included in the recipe. Delicious Chicken dishes with rice, noodles, vegetables and salads, find your perfect dinner from our top ten list

Chicken pan fry with rice

Chicken pan fry with vegetables

Chicken pan fry with noodles

Chicken pan fry with salad

Chicken pan fry with Rice

Chicken and chorizo paella - Spanish chicken pan fry

Chicken, chorizo, and prawns, mixed with a delicious selection of vegetables all gently simmered with paella rice and complete with a sprinkle of chopped parsley, lemons, and olives

Teriyaki Chicken – Japanese pan fry

Slow cooked pan-fried chicken thighs flavoured with ginger and garlic and cooked in a teriyaki, soy and honey sauce, served with chive and ginger rice.

Chipotle chicken – Mexican chicken pan fry

Pan-fried chicken pieces cooked till golden brown and then gently poached in a chipotle sauce made with tomatoes, cinnamon, paprika, chipotle paste thyme and coriander, served with a lime and coriander rice

Chicken and spinach risotto – Italian chicken pan fry

An Italian pan-fried marinated chicken breast, cooked till golden brown, sliced and served on a delicious bed of creamy risotto flavoured with spinach and mushrooms

Chicken pan fry with vegetables

Chicken in a creamy tarragon sauce

Pan seared chicken breast poached in a tasty cider and tarragon sauce, served with creamy mash potatoes and steamed broccoli

Chicken stir fry with noodles

Black bean chicken and vegetable stir fry - Chinese Chicken pan fry

Sliced chicken breast stir fried in a wok with a tasty selection of vegetables including cucumber, spring onions, carrots and peppers, all coated in black bean sauce and served on a bed of noodles

Black peppered chicken stir fry - Chinese chicken pan fry

Chicken goujons pan fried in a wok with spicy Sichuan black pepper and hoisin sauce with cashew nuts, onions, red pepper, and spring onions, served on a bed of noodles

Salads with pan fry chicken 

Cajun chicken salad - – American chicken pan fry

Chicken breast coated in Cajun spices and pan fried, served with a fresh creole salad of watercress, lettuce, sweet corn, black beans and tomatoes.

Thai chicken salad – Thai chicken pan fry

Chicken sliced into goujons and coated in a panko and coconut crumb, shallow fried and served on a bed of bean sprouts, cucumber, fresh herbs and a sprinkle of peanuts. This delicious salad is served with a creamy Thai green dressing

Vietnamese Crispy chicken Salad – Vietnamese chicken pan fry 

Chicken goujons marinated in a Vietnamese sauce and then coated in a light batter and fried till golden brown. These crispy goujons are served on a bed of vegetables and noodles coated in a chilli, ginger and coriander dressing

Hope you enjoyed our selection of pan fry chicken dishes, click here for more chicken dinner ideas

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Chicken pan fry recipes perfect for dinner We have selected our top ten chicken pan fry recipes, which are ideal for a quick dinner after a busy day...

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