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Healthy Dinner Ideas

What is healthy

A healthy dinner can mean different things to different people, our healthy meals focus on cooking from fresh ingredients, to help you on your way to your five a day. Whether you are new to healthy eating or have already made changes to your diet our dinner ideas can introduce you to delicious recipes and exciting new ingredients.

About our healthy dinner ideas

Our healthy meal ideas are all about cooking from fresh ingredients and a balanced diet with plenty of variety. Our healthy meals are packed full of fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, and low-fat proteins.  We have looked across the world for healthy food ideas to keep you inspired and interested, you’re guaranteed to stay on track with your healthy eating lifestyle.


Meal Recipes

healthy dinner recipes

All our recipes are full meal recipes with both healthy main courses and healthy side dishes. We have a variety of recipes from delicious salads for summer and healthy comfort food for winter. We have quick, low cost and easy recipes making it as simple as possible to stick to a more balanced diet.

Find healthy meals to cook

If you want to get organised for the whole week, then meal planning is for you, we have some delicious meal plans to get you started 

Get healthy weekly dinner ideas

If you are short on time and would like to have healthy dinner options at your fingertips every day, that are personalised to your likes and dislikes then read on and find out all about the SoCook app 

Healthy Eating App

Make meal planning easy with our

Healthy Food App

Healthy Food App

The SoCook app is the perfect way to support you in a healthy lifestyle, with hundreds of delicious, yet healthy recipes at your fingertips it can provide you with a personalised healthy menu in a matter of minutes.  

Our app makes sticking to a healthier diet simple so if you are making changes in your diet to it the easy way with our app!

How does it work?

Set your preferences for healthy menus and our SoCook app will deliver you a personalised meal plan for the week, view your menu swap out anything you don’t like and then add the meals to your automatic shopping list.

If you fancy a treat one night or have friends coming over simply swap for a more indulgent meal, and add a starter and a delicious dessert. It’s totally flexible and you can swap out meals as much as you like.

Who's it for?

Our healthy recipes app is ideal for those looking to change their existing eating habits for a diet packed full of fresh ingredients