Automatic meal planning app

Is organising dinner a chore ? delegate it!

If the whole process of planning, shopping and cooking your evening meal leaves you stressed, delegate it ! The Virtual HomeCook is the perfect virtual kitchen assistant, it creates a personalised menu and shopping list in seconds . No thinking, no planning just shop and cook. To find out more contact us

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Automatic your meal planning with

Our Recipe App

The Virtual HomeCook produces a simple monthly meal plan in seconds making it one of the best daily recipe apps. Review your menu and anything you want to change just click the swap button and add a favourite or a brand new recipe anytime. Try this simple to use meal planning app to organise your evening meals .If you want to find out more signup for our newsletter.

Weekly meal planning with our

Meal plan and grocery list app

The shopping list is simple to create just click on the shopping basket on each recipe and the ingredients will be automatically add to your shopping list. Use the stock cupboard feature to check ingredients you may already have in the fridge or cupboard. You can also add your regular shopping items to the list getting you totally organised for the week ahead. The Virtual HomeCook is the ideal meal planner and shopping list app, 

Step by Step pictures

Simple to use Recipes

Make cooking your meal simple, just tap each recipe to get full recipe details and see the simple instructions, specially designed to make cooking easier. Each step in the recipe contains both the ingredients and the utensils for that step which means you can cook your meal with minimal scrolling. Each step has pictures to help describe each step. 

Personalised eating plan with our

Meal planning app

You can personalise your meal plan simply choose  the number of meat and veggie days  then choose up to two food lifestyle, from our list of 5, healthy, less than 30 minutes, modern, easy, and budget conscious. Next add any food dislikes then update to get your new personalised meal plan. 

To change individual recipes tap the swap button and add one of your favourite recipes or a new recipe from the swap menu. The Virtual HomeCook is totally flexible making it the best meal planning apps available.

Plan your dinner party using our

Dinner Party App

Plan your dinner parties using the  social option, choose your main meal using the swap button and then hit the social button.  Add the number of portions (guests) , add a starter and dessert and your dinner party menu is complete. Hit the shopping basket and all the items will go into your shopping list.

Last minute guest you can simply add an extra portion and it will automatically add the extra items to your shopping list problem solved.