Smart meal planning app

Is organising dinner a chore? delegate it!

Stuck for meal inspo? Looking for a tasty personalised meal plan at the touch of a button? Then look no further! 

SoCook your innovative cooking app

Some say the SoCook App is their secret weapon to create delicious dinners every night. 

No thinking 
No planning  
No shopping list prepping 

Whether you’re family is big or small, all you need to do is shop and cook.

Coming soon! 

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Find Out all about the Socook App

SoCook is a clever dinner app that will do all the searching and planning for you, giving you the perfect personalised meal plan in seconds, with an option to swap anything you don't fancy - Find out how

It's packed with delicious recipes with simple instructions and pictures - Find out more

It has a smart shopping list, that is uniquely designed. Fresh ingredients are separated from cupboard items making it simple to use - Check it out here

SoCook plans your evening meal, whether it's during the week or at weekends, having friends around you can plan that too! by simply changing the number of people and adding a delicious starter or dessert - Discover how to plan a dinner party in seconds here