Simple Dinner Ideas

Easy Meal Plans

If you are thinking of meal planning but don’t really have the time, we have loads of easy meal plans to suit your food lifestyle. We have a delicious selection of simple 3 and 5 day meal plans packed with easy to prepare recipes.

Make personalised meal plan & dinner parties menus in minutes

The Virtual HomeCook app automatically creates monthly meal plans and shopping lists that match your lifestyle and tastes. If you love to socialise it has a fantastic dinner party planner with an automatic shopping list! Find out more

More about our Easy Meal plans

Our easy weekly meal plans are ideally suited to all different eating habits try our 

  • Simple summer meal plans for vegetarians and meat eaters
  • Easy freezer meal plans
  • Easy under 30-minute plans
  • Easy low-budget meal plans

Our delicious easy plans focus on delicious recipes full of fresh vegetables and simple to cook 

Easy meal planning with technology 

Organising an easy meal plan isn't simple, finding simple recipes to add to your meal plan can be time-consuming.  At SoCook we use technology to build your easy meal plan and create your shopping list.

Our unique approach 

We have a unique approach to easy meal planning, we automatically produce your personalised rolling simple monthly meal plan, and leave you to review it and swap any recipes you want to. Once your meal plan is created you can add meals to your shopping list with the touch of a button.  You can create a simple meal plan with a shopping list in minutes.

How does it work?  

Your tasty meal plan is personalised based on your likes and dislikes. If you fancy a treat one night or have friends coming over simply swap out the current meal and add something indulgent with a starter and delicious dessert if required. It’s totally flexible and you can swap out meals as much as you like.

Who’s it for?

Our simple-to-cook app is ideal for those looking to change their eating habits and keep it simple and organised. 

Time-scale for your plan

Our rolling monthly meal plan allows you to choose to create a plan and shopping list to meet your needs you can create 

  • simple weekly meal plans 
  • 5-day easy food plans 
  • or shop daily and have an easy-to-cook daily meal plan 

Just review the number of recipes you want and add the recipes to the shopping list

Give it a try

Check out our food app and change your eating habits forever using the SoCook app