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Veggie Dinner Ideas

Being a Vegetarian

A vegetarian diet or plant-based diet can be very strict like a vegan diet where no animal products are consumed or can be more relaxed where milk and cheese are part of your everyday diet. Our veggie dinner ideas focus more on a more relaxed meat free diet perfect for new vegetarians or for individuals who just want for eat less meat for health reasons or to help save the planet!

Flexitarian or Part-time vegetarian

The best way to begin to enjoy meat free meals is to gradually replace them with veggie ones. Many of your favourite dishes will lend themselves perfectly to a veggie alternative. For example lentil lasagne is a delicious variation to the traditional meat version and bean burgers an amazing beef burgers substitute. 

Flexitarian and

Veggie Meal Recipes

About our Vegetarian dinner ideas

Our Veggie meal ideas are all about cooking from fresh ingredient, . Our vegetarian dinners are packed full of vegetables, beans, lentils and more.  We have delicious vegetable and bean meal ideas from all around the world using everyday ingredients and new ingredients all readily available in the supermarket.

All our veggie recipes are full meal recipes with both vegetarian main courses and side dishes. We have a variety of recipes from delicious stir frys for the summer and stews for the winter. We have quick, low cost and easy recipes making it as easy to stick to a vegetarian diet. If you are thinking about becoming vegetarian, are already vegetarian and looking for some new meal inspiration or simply fancy enjoying more vegetables for dinner tonight.

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If you want to be a bit better organised, then have a look at our vegetarian meal plans which will give you a meal plan for the whole week!

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If you are more interested in eating vegetarian part-time then have a look at our balanced meal plan

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If you are short on time and would like a veggie diet bursting with brilliant meat free and vegetarian recipes to suit all tastes, at your fingertips, then read on and find out all about the SoCook app

Vegetarian App

The perfect app for vegetarians and flexitarians set your number of veggie days press the button and get your personalised weekly menu packed full of delicious veggie recipes Find out more

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Veggie Food App

Vegetarian Food App

Try our app and make eating a flexitarian or vegetarian diet easy.

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Totally flexible, you select as many meat and veggie days as you like add any dislikes you have and the SoCook app does the rest. You’ll get a full months personalised menu with mouth-watering recipes You can change your meal plan whenever you like increasing your veggie days slowly, eating more vegetables and less meat each week. When you are happy with the menu add as many meals as you like to the shopping list and your ready to go

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Our app is for people who want to eat less meat, become a vegetarian or already a vegetarian but short on time and looking for fresh inspiration.

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