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Meal Plans and Dinner Party Menus

Meal Plans

We love to plan, whether it is meals plans for those mid-week dinners or weekend treats  We have loads of different meal plans to match your food lifestyle, whether you are looking for veggie plans, quick and easy plans or health plans to name but a few

Dinner Party Menus

Not sure what to cook for your dinner party or family meal?  We have loads of delicious ideas and recipes to help you with your menu planning. We create our 3-course menus with the perfect starter, main and dessert dishes ensuring that each dish compliment the other.  Our menus are simple to follow and come with a full plan of what to cook and when. So check out our menus and enjoy a delicious meal with friends.

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Make personalised meal plan & dinner parties menus in minutes

The Virtual HomeCook app automatically creates monthly meal plans and shopping lists that match your lifestyle and tastes. If you love to socialise it has a fantastic dinner party planner with an automatic shopping list! Find out more

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Weekly Meal Plan & Dinner Party Menus

Planning your evening meal

Our meal plans are designed to fit into your daily life, whether you are looking for a plan to match your current lifestyle or to change your eating habits, we have a host of ideas to help you with your meal planning. We have a selection of 5-day meal plans for different eating habits all made from our delicious recipes choose a lifestyle and pick a plan.

Planning a dinner party

if you're not sure what food to cook for your guests we have created some brilliant menu ideas with tantalising starter, main and dessert ideas from around the world.  We have some amazing themed dinner party menus, cook-ahead or cook-on-the-day menus and easy casual menus so you can pick the best menu to suit your event and guests.

Automate your meal and dinner party planning

Meal planning can be time-consuming whether it is a regular evening meal or dinner party both take a lot of organisation. Finding new recipes and organising your shopping list all take time. Our food planning app automatically organises your evening meal based on your food lifestyle. and personal likes and dislikes, you can create a shopping list and organise a dinner party all in the same app!