Who we are?

SoCook is a new food start-up, we love food and hate organising, we cook and create delicious recipes while inventing tech to do the boring bits!

We take a different view of using technology for home cooking, by looking at the most time-consuming and less creative elements of making dinner and replace then with tech.

What we do

  • we design and test recipes that are simple to cook and taste delicious
  •         we try out recipes from our favourite chefs and tweak them sometimes!
  •         we organise these tasty recipes into meal plans and dinner party menus
  •         we create technology that personalises and organises your evening meal

Delicious Home Cooking Made simple

The SoCook app is your virtual kitchen assistant designed to make cooking your evening meal so simple give it a try 

About Our Founder

SoCook was founded by Mandy Winder, who spent her early career working as a cook in a wine bar, her love of food and cooking led her to Leeds where she did a Bachelor of Arts in food and accommodation studies.

A change of career when her family came along, led her to become a programmer, project manager and later a director in an online marketing company.

The desire to run her own business saw the start of SoCook, in recent years she had noticed both in her own life and that of her friends that the ability to decide what to eat and find time to shop and cook was eroding the pleasure of being able to enjoy good food, especially after a busy day!

She decided to combine her qualifications in food and technology with her love of food, cooking and organising people to create SoCook.

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