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What’s for dinner?  busy worknight, fun family dinner or meal with friends, whatever the dinner dilemma SoCook has the answer. We create delicious dinner ideas; fantastic weekly meal plans and for your social occasions amazing dinner party menus. We haven’t stopped there, to help with your meal mayhem, we are developing an innovative app that will take all the stress out of dinner forever! check out The SoCook app now.

the SoCook app

Our Meal Planning App

The SoCook app is designed to be your virtual home cooking assistant, providing personalised monthly meal plans to suit your lifestyle. It plans your meals and creates your shopping list in minutes providing you with inspirational dinner ideas for the whole month.

This clever and easy-to-use meal app is packed full of delicious recipes that will introduce you to new foods, new recipes, or new eating habits all researched and organised by your virtual home cooking assistant. 

For those of you who love to entertain at home,  SoCook also has a dinner party planner and automated shopping list, making organising a special event so easy. 

Check out the SoCook app and let us take care of “what to cook for dinner tonight”.

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American Menu Dinner Party

Leek and Blue Cheese Tartlet with Roasted Tomatoes

Southern Fried Chicken with Slaw & Chipotle Cream

Blueberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake

French Dinner Party Menu No 2

Courgette and Fennel Soup

Chicken Tartiflette

Fresh Strawberry Pancakes with Orange Custard Sauce

Chinese Menu Dinner Party

Sichuan Chinese Chicken Wings

Char Siu Duck Legs with Asian Slaw

Chinese Pineapple Fritters with Spiced Toffee Sauce

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