Why should I meal plan?

Meal planning – it doesn’t rank up there with the top 10 things you’d love to be doing with your spare time does it? But did you know that if you dedicated just a little bit of your time to it you could actually find yourself more time to enjoy other things rather than worrying about what to have for dinner every night. Check out our reasons why you should meal plan and how we can make it easy

Be Less Stressed

This one has to come first as it's one of the main reasons SoCook and our app were set up. Meal planning will buy back your time, allowing you to enjoy cooking rather than stressing about what to have for dinner every day.

Having a well-thought-out shopping list based on the meals you’ve planned to have for the week will save you from wandering aimlessly up and down the aisles of the supermarket wondering what to get (let’s face it we’ve all been there). Our app gives you a personalised meal plan and a shopping list too!

Our top tip if you’re super busy is to take some time out at the weekend to plan your evening meals for the week

Also if you cook one or two recipes that will give you lots of leftovers you’ll always have something you can pop in the freezer or utilise for lunch the next day. 

Stress free Evening Meals

Our app will provide you with a personalised meal plan and a shopping list in minutes find out more

Eat healthier

We’ve all been there, we’ve started a diet been doing great and then have a late night and end up eating a packet of biscuits instead of having a proper dinner. Meal planning can help you overcome this issue by ensuring you always know what you’re having for dinner and have options that are quick to rustle up and stop you snacking or indulging in something you’ll regret the next day. 

Improve your nutrition and eat better foods

A little add-on to eating healthier is being able to improve the food that you’re eating by planning out well-balanced dinners with the right amounts of veggies, proteins and carbs. If you’re trying to reduce your carb intake or eat less meat, planning can support you with any lifestyle changes. Home-made food is also always full of less calories, salt and fat than ready meals plus choosing your own ingredients makes it easier for you to support local butchers and greengrocers, reducing your impact on the environment. 

Save money

Having a well-crafted meal plan means you waste less, using ingredients you have in the cupboard, forgotten in the fridge or the freezer. You only end up buying what you need for each meal and not succumbing to the lure of expensive ready meals or items you fancy but don’t really need. Plus you can create meal plans that specifically allow you to use up whatever you have in your cupboards. 

If you still find the thought of tackling meal planning a bit daunting then take a look at our other blog post which explains exactly what to do. What is meal planning and how do I do it?

Alternatively, you can try the Socook app, which will do it all for you with no hassle and no stress. So get planning today and buy back some time.