French Dinner Party Menu No 2

A french dinner party menu packed full of authentic recipes and ingredients, a fennel and courgette soup,  a chicken tartiflette for the main and strawberry crepes for dessert.


 Fennel and courgette soup with crusty rolls


Chicken tartiflette and salad


Strawberry crepes

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More About our French menu

This menu is relatively simple as most of the prep can be done the day before. Our courgette and fennel soup starter is flavoured with garlic, rocket and parmesan. The main course is a traditional dish from the Alps a creamy chicken tartiflette with layers of potatoes, cooked chicken, bacon, spinach and gruyere cheese all cooked in a cream sauce, serve with a fresh salad with a mustard dressing. The dessert is traditional crepes, stuffed with fresh strawberries in a simple orange custard.

Difficulty level

This menu is medium difficulty, but as most of the prep is done the day before it makes it easy to serve on the day

Cooking Order

Day before    
  • make the courgette and fennel soup do not add the parmesan cheese 
  • make the crepes cool and wrap in cling film and store in the fridge
  • make the custard, allow to cool a little, place in a storage container, place a layer of cling film directly on the custard to stop a skin forming
Morning of the party
  • make the chicken tartiflette allow the individual layers to cool and then layer up cover with cling film and place in the fridge
  • slice the strawberries cover with cling film place in the fridge
  • make the dressing for the salad
10 minutes before 
  • heat the soup and add the parmesan
  • place the chicken tartiflette in the oven to cook
  • make the salad
  • remove the strawberries, custard and crepes from the fridge
Before serving the main course
  • Add the salad dressing to the salad
Before serving your dessert
  • heat the crepes and the stuff with the strawberries and custard

Keep an eye on

  • set a timer for the tartiflette