Chinese Menu Dinner Party

This Chinese dinner party menu is a mixture of traditional and modern dishes with a twist, including Char Siu duck legs with a modern slaw and pineapple fritters with a modern spicy toffee sauce.


Sichuan Chinese chicken wings


Char Siu duck legs with a modern Asian slaw


Chinese pineapple fritters with a spiced toffee sauce

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Chinese themed dinner party

This menu is packed full of traditional Chinese cuisine with a modern twist. The starter is crispy Sichuan chicken wings, crispy chinese chicken wings baked in the oven and coated in a Sichuan sauce of black pepper, chilli flakes, ginger, garlic, sesame and soy sauce . The  main, is Char Sui marinated duck legs with a modern Asian slaw, duck legs marinated in fish sauce, garlic, honey, rice vinegar, and soy sauce baked in the oven shredded and served with an Asian coleslaw dressed in a honey, lime and soy sauce. For dessert, Chinese pineapple fritters with a  spiced toffee sauce, pineapple cooked in a light crispy fritter, served with a toffee sauce flavoured with cinnamon, ginger, star anise.

Difficulty level

This menu is needs careful prep as the dishes need cooking to order.

Cooking Order

Night before   
  • marinate the duck legs
Two hours before   
  • chopped the vegetables for the coleslaw
  • make the dressing for the coleslaw
  • peel and cut the pineapple
  • cut the vegetables for the stir fry
one hour before           
  • place the chicken wings in the oven
  • make the pineapple fritter batter 
  • make the toffee sauce, set a side
  • make the sauce for the chicken wings       
  • place the duck in the oven to cook
10 mins before 
  • complete the chicken wings
  • add the coleslaw to the dressing
5 mins before serving main 
  • shred the duck meat
5 mins before serving dessert 
  • warm the toffee sauce
  • cook the pineapple fritters

Top Tips

  • Don’t make the coleslaw too early
  • the bicarbonate of soda on the chicken wings makes them really crispy 

Keep an eye on

keep an eye on the duck during the starter