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We have a fantastic collection of meal ideas, with winter stews, risottos and curries, and delicious summer salads. tarts and wraps, along with all year round pastas, tortillas and much more. We have a mouth watering selection of dinner recipes for every taste and budget, including meat eaters, vegetarians, flexitarians and healthy eaters to name but a few. Browse are meal recipes below and find your ideal dish for tonight's dinner 

What to cook for dinner



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Our complete meal recipes are designed to make cooking your evening meal so simple, with easy instructions and recipes packed full of step by step pictures. you cant go wrong. All are recipes are designed to cook with fresh ingredients so check out our categories below and find something delicious for dinner tonight

We tend to decide what to have for dinner based on either our lifestyle,  a specific ingredient or a style of food from a specific country . We categorises all our recipes in lots of different ways check out the links below to find your ideal dinner 

Lifestyle Dinner Ideas

If you decide what to have for your evening meal based on your lifestyle view our recipes using our lifestyle categories. 

Quick dinner ideas - for busy worknights  when there's no time to spare

Healthy dinner ideas  - Get your five a day packed full of  fresh ingredients

Cheap dinner ideas  - if your sticking to a budget

Vegetarian dinner ideas- packed full of fresh veggie, beans and lentils 

Easy recipes for beginners - ideal for the less confident cook

Ingredient Dinner Ideas 

Fancy something specific for dinner tonight for the meat eaters among you check out our 

For the vegetarians, flexitarians and part time veggies 

And for pasta lovers check out our 

Recipes from around the world

If you fancy Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian or some other type of food check out our 

What to have for dinner can be stressful, its often the last job of the day when you have run out of steam and just want something quick and easy. We all have such busy stressful lives and a delicious evening meal can make a bad day better and a  good day perfect. For many of us it is the only time we sit down with our loved ones so make it easy and make it special we have looked at all the worst bits of working out whats for dinner and used technology to solve the problem so if dinner is a chore in your house check out the SoCook SoCook app now