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10+ Pasta Meals

Pasta meal ideas are perfect for a quick dinner idea, with Penne, tagliatelle, fusilli pastas are ideal for quick cooks and lasagne and cannelloni make ideal pasta bakes

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Dinner ideas with Pasta


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Pasta dinner ideas

If your in the mood for comfort food then pasta will hit the mark, mixed with meats vegetables and in a creamy sauce and of course cheese will make the perfect dinner 

Lasagne Pasta dinner ideas 

Lasagne is mainly an oven baked pasta although you can use it for quicker cook dishes, it is usually layered with meat or vegetable sauces that are tomato  or cream based., the dish is usually completed with a creamy cheese sauce and baked till golden brown. 

Cannelloni pasta dinner  ideas 

This pasta is usually used for pasta bakes, the cannelloni is stuffed with a delicious filling then covered in a tasty sauce and topped with cheese and baked in the oven till golden brown 

Pasta meal ideas with Penne, tagliatelle, fusilli and spaghetti

These pastas are perfect for quick cook pastas with cream and cheese sauces, meat sauces and tomato based sauces, ideal for those busy nights,.