Dinner Ideas

15+ Lentil and Bean Meals

Beans and lentils make deliciously filling dishes and are packed full of vitamins minerals and protein, they are so versatile and can be used as the perfect meat substitute in hot chilli, lasagnes and bolognese. They make delicious veggie burgers and are ideal in wraps

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Dinner Ideas with Beans and Lentils


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Bean dinner Ideas 

There is a fantastic variety of beans to choose from we stick to using beans that are readily available in the supermarkets and that can be bought in tins to keep prep time to a minimum, like black beans, kidney beans, chickpeas and butter beans

Chickpea dinner ideas

Chickpeas are a fantastic bean with a delicious taste they are used in traditional dishes from around the world like Falafel, curry and more. They are also a great meat substitute and can be used in burgers and oven bakes 

Kidney beans dinner ideas

Kidney beans are perfect for stews and chilli, they are probably one of the beans most people are familiar with and are also delicious in wraps and burgers

Butter bean dinner ideas

Butter beans are a creamy bean and are perfect as a base for soups,, burgers and ideal in soups 

Black beans dinner ideas

Black beans are very popular in mexico and are the base ingredient for quesadilla and enchiladas as well as other tasty dishes