French style lemon tart recipe with creme fraiche

French lemon Tart Recipe

80 Minutes
Serves: 6
A french lemon tart or tart citron with a rich lemon custard filling and a crispy shortcrust pastry. The tart is lightly dusted with icing sugar and served with creme fraiche this tart citron makes the perfect dessert for a French dinner party

Recipe Ingreds


  • 60 grams butter
  • 125 grams plain flour
  • 0.5 tsp salt
  • 40 grams icing sugar
  • 15 ml water
  • 1 egg


  • 150 ml double cream
  • 5 egg
  • 4 lemon
  • 150 grams caster sugar
  • 1 icing sugar


  • crème fraiche (to taste)

Recipe with pictures Steps

Step 1

  • sieve together the flour and salt into a bowl
  • add the icing sugar
  • cut the butter into cubes

Step 2

  • add the flour, butter and salt
  • to a bowl or food processor
  • blend until the contents forms a crumb, by hand or using a food processor

Step 3

  • if using a food processor empty the contents of the food processor into a large bowl
  • separate the yolk and white of the egg(s) into two small bowls
  • set the egg white a side
  • add the water to the egg yolk
  • add the egg mixture to the crumb mix using a few swift movements

Step 4

  • form the pastry into a ball and flatten
  • place pastry in a bag
  • place in the fridge to cool
  • for 15 minutes

Step 5

  • set the oven to 180C 350F or gas mark 4
  • lightly dust a clean work surface with flour
  • roll out the pastry into a circle to fit the flan dishes
  • fit pastry into flan dish

Step 6

  • trim the pastry to fit the flan dish
  • prick the pastry cases
  • place in the fridge to cool
  • for 15 minutes

Step 7

  • bake the pastry blind by covering the pastry with grease proof paper and baking beans
  • bake for 8 to 10 mins
  • remove from the oven
  • remove the beans and paper

Step 8

  • paint the pastry base with egg white
  • return to the oven
  • bake for 8 to 10 mins till golden brown
  • remove from the oven
  • set a side

Step 9

  • zest the lemon(s)
  • squeeze the lemon(s) .
  • whisk the eggs, caster sugar, lemon juice and zest in a bowl
  • Add the cream

Step 10

  • strain the lemon mixture with a sieve into the flan dish
  • cook for 30 mins or until set

Step 11

  • remove the tart from the oven
  • Cool then refrigerate for 1 hour

Step 12

  • place the tart on the plate
  • Dust with icing sugar
  • serve a slice of tart

Step 13

  • with some creme fraiche

Recipe Utensils

  • 1 baking beans
  • 1 chopping board
  • 1 flan dish
  • 1 food processor
  • 1 grater
  • 1 grease proof paper
  • 2 large knife
  • 1 lemon squeezer
  • 2 medium bowl
  • 1 pastry brush
  • 1 plastic bags
  • 1 rolling pin
  • 2 sieve
  • 2 small bowl
  • 1 whisk

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About our French lemon tart recipe

This lemon tart originated in France and is also know as tart citron or tarte au citron . This tart is a classic patisserie staple. 

The rich lemon custard is cooked in the oven inside a delicious buttery blind baked shortcrust pastry case. the custard is made by whisking together the lemon zest, lemon juice, eggs, caster sugar and cream. The tart should be chilled before serving and can last about 3 days in the fridge, if stored in an air tight container.  The tart can be served just with a dusting of icing sugar or with whipped cream or creme fraiche. This recipe is perfect for a traditional French dinner party menu 

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