Quick Dinners Meal Plan

A tasty selection of quick work night dinners perfect for those cold winter nights and all under 30 minutes to cook

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More about our quick dinners meal plan

Easy meal plans with delicious recipes that are all 30 minutes or under perfect for those busy winter work night

Monday's Meal

Roast pork fillet wrapped in bacon and roasted in the oven, served with creamy gratin of potato and onion baked in a cream sauce and topped with melted cheese

Tuesday's Meal

Delicious baked chicken goujons, coated in Italian herb breadcrumbs, wrapped in soft tortilla wrap with creamy avocado, sweet roasted cherry tomatoes and fresh salad leaves and a creamy savoury mayo

Wednesday's Meal

Beef stroganoff, steak fried with onions and mushrooms and cooked in a cream sauce flavoured with paprika, lemon, garlic and brandy and served on a bed of rice sprinkled with parsley.

Thursday's Meal

teriyaki chicken, chicken thigh marinated in garlic and ginger and pan-fried in honey, soy and teriyaki sauce, served on a bed of ginger and chive rice.

Friday's Meal

Penne pasta in a creamy bacon & tomato sauce, al dente pasta cooked in a tomato sauce flavoured with bacon, basil, chilli , garlic, camembert and emmenthal cheese finished with double cream and a sprinkle of parmesan.

Who is this plan for

This meal plan has simple meals all under 30 minutes so are ideal for quick after work dinners .

  • busy people looking for recipes under 30 minutes

Difficulty Rating

All these dinners are simple to cook

Top Tips

  • cook the teriyaki chicken slowly make sure the skin is crisp


What do you serve with beef stroganoff?

  • noodles or thick strips of pasta 
  • rice preferably white rice, either plain rice or simple flavours such as garlic
  • potatoes, mashed, potato cakes, or roast potatoes