Vegetarian classic Italian Dinner Party Menu

This is a classic vegetarian Italian menu, perfect for a dinner with friends and family, a lot of the prep can be done the day before giving you less stress on the day and more time with your guests


Tomato, saffron and ricotta tart


Lentil and red wine lasagne with a green salad


Italian apple cake


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More about our classic vegetarian Italian menu 

This veggie Italian menu can be mostly prepared in advance making it easy to cook. The menu has  a cherry tomato, saffron and ricotta tart for the starter served with a small side salad. Followed by a green lentil and red wine lasagne served with salad in the summer and garlic bread in the winter. The meal is completed with a traditional Italian apple cake.

Difficulty level

This menu is simple to cook as most of the dishes are prepared the day before ensuring a stress free dinner party.

Cooking Order

Day before    

  • Bake the cake, let it cool and then store in an airtight tin, dont dust with icing sugar until the day of the meal.
  • Prepare the lasagne as the recipe but don't cook it, let it cool and then cover with cling film and refrigerate.
  • follow the recipe to make the pastry cases cover with cling film and place in the fridge
  • make the pesto, cover with cling film and refrigerate
one hours before
  • remove the lasagne from the fridge, to warm a little
  • fill the tarts and place in the oven
  • prepare the salad for the main and starter
20 minutes before your starter 
  • place your lasagne in the oven
Before serving your dessert
  • dust the cake with icing sugar

Top Tips

Check the lasagne from time to time to make sure the top doesn’t overcook 

Keep an eye on

The cake as if it can easily overcook, and if it does it will be dry