Veggie French Dinner Party Menu

A vegetarian french menu packed full of traditional recipes and ingredients, a mushroom soup, a lentil stew with crusty bread for the main and to finish a classic citroen tart.


Creamy mushroom soup with crusty rolls


Potato and lentil stew with crusty rolls


 French tart citron

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More About our veggie French menu

This menu is a little more labour intensive than some of the other menus but worth the extra work. The starter is a mushroom soup flavoured with garlic and herbs de provence, giving the soup a distinct taste of France. The main course is a full flavoured veggie lentil stew with green lentils, potatoes, leek and mushrooms flavoured with provencal herbs and white wine. The dessert adds a freshness to the menu and is a french lemon tart or tart citron, a crisp pastry case with a delicate creamy lemon custard.

Difficulty level

This menu is quite demanding as most of the items need to be created on the day dinner party.

Cooking Order

Day before    
  • make the mushroom soup cool and store in the fridge
  • make the pastry for the tart rest in fridge
  • make the pastry cases cover with cling film and refrigerate 
Morning of the party
  • complete the lemon tart and leave to cool 
40 minutes before
  • make the lentil stew
10 minutes before 
  • heat the mushroom soup
Before serving your dessert
  • dust the tart with icing sugar

Top Tips

  • rinse the lentils well
  • make sure the sugar is well mixed into the eggs

Keep an eye on

  • the lemon tart while cooking to ensure top doesn’t brown before the custard sets