The Top 3 Tartiflette Recipes

The best Potato Tartiflette Recipes

Tartiflette is deliciously creamy oven baked gratin with layers of soft potatoes and cheese in a creamy sauce with the addition of usually chicken and bacon. Our top 3 enticing variations on the dish are 

  • a traditional chicken tartiflette with the addition of spinach
  • a spinach and mushroom tartiflette made with smoked cheese 
  • a wholesome vegetarian tartiflette with lentil and spinach  

Tartiflette History

Tartiflette is originally a dish from the western Alps and was made with layers of potatoes, reblochen cheese, lardons and onions. In the northern alps the name for potatoes was tartifles which is where the name for this dish is believed to have come. The dish was invented in the 1980s by the makers of reblochen cheese to promote their product and is based on a more traditional potato and cheese dish pela from the southern France.

The main ingredients for tartiflette are sliced potatoes, cheese, onions, cream and bacon lardons but over time the dish has been altered to add different ingredients to create similar dishes, the two closest related dishes also from the region are

  1. Croziflette made with similar ingredients but the potatoes are replaced with a local pasta called crozets de savoie,
  2. Morbiflette also made with similar ingredients but the reblochen cheese is replaced with Morbier cheese

Chicken tartiflette recipe

If you are a meat eater and you have never had tartiflette than I can guarantee you will be a convert to this dish.

Layers of soft sliced potato, crispy onions and bacon, spinach and gruyere cheese baked together in a creamy sauce makes the perfect tartiflette . We add spinach to our chicken tartiflette just to cut through the creaminess and add that extra dimension. Our recipe uses freshly cooked chicken so the dish can be frozen, it should be layered up and frozen without cooking. If you don't intend to freeze the dish then use up your leftover cooked chicken from your Sunday roast, in this ideal Monday night dinner idea.

Spinach and mushroom tartiflette recipe

Tartiflette is so delicious that as a vegetarian you just don't want to miss out on this heavenly dish, so we put our thinking caps on and came up with a spinach and mushroom tartiflette.

We took our traditional version of the tartiflette and looked at what we needed to replace in the recipe to make it veggie friendly. The items that are not veggie friendly are the chicken, smoked bacon and the gruyere cheese. So we decided to go for mushrooms,  a smoked cheese and traditional cheddar cheese and our veggie tartiflette came out absolutely delicious, giving us the perfect veggie replacement

The dish is made with lightly boiled slice potatoes, creating the first layer, followed by wilted spinach. The next layer is fried onions and garlic followed by caramelised sliced mushrooms and then grated cheese. The tartiflette is completed with a final layer of potatoes and a sprinkle of cheese. The tartiflette is then baked in the oven for about 20 minutes till golden brown. We would serve this delicious bake with a fresh tomato and green salad. This dish is perfect for freezing, layer the dish up and freeze without cooking.

Spinach and lentil Tartiflette or cheesy lentil bake recipe

This is a very earthy and wholesome version of tartiflette, we can't exactly call it healthy with the amount of cheese and cream in it, but it is probably the closest you will get to a healthy tartiflette. 

We wanted to recreate the dish with a hit of veggie protein so we replaced the chicken with lentils and to ensure it was vegetarian swapped out the gruyere cheese for a mixture of cheddar and smoked Applewood. This dish although resembling the main principles of a tartiflette the strength of the green lentils in the dish meant our end result was probably closer to a delicious cheesy lentil bake. 

The tartiflette is made the same as the others with a layer of sliced cooked potatoes, a layer of crispy onions and garlic, a layer of lentils and grated cheese, the dish is completed with a final layer of potatoes and a sprinkle of cheese. As with the other tartiflette to freeze this layer it up and freeze uncooked. 

These are our top tartiflette creations, why not create your own version and let us know how it goes 

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