The Best Spinach and Mushroom Recipes

Our top 5 spinach and mushroom recipe ideas

Spinach and mushroom are an amazing food combination, they can be found in many cultures and dish, and are often paired with cheese, chicken, bacon, and cream. With the rise in popularity of vegan and vegetarian diets it has become one of the most popular food combos. The two cultures that use this combo the most are Italian with spinach and mushroom lasagnes and risottos, and Indian with mushroom and spinach curries often including lentils or chicken. Other popular spinach and mushroom dishes are frittata, omelettes, and quiches where the combo is often paired with cheese. We have selected our top 5 spinach and mushroom dinner ideas. Three delicious vegetarian recipes and two meat recipes all featuring the spinach and mushroom combo.

Vegetarian spinach and mushroom recipes

Our number one spinach and mushroom veggie dinner idea is a spinach and mushroom tartiflette, we designed this dish to give a veggie alternative to the chicken tartiflette, as being veggie shouldn’t mean you miss out on this amazing dish. 

Spinach and Mushroom Tartiflette

A tartiflette is similar to a potato and cheese gratin, the potatoes are sliced and layered with cheese covered in a creamy stock sauce and cooked in the oven till golden brown, traditionally the dish has chicken and/or bacon added to it. Our tartiflette is perfect for vegetarians, we have replaced the usual chicken and bacon combo for our favourite spinach and mushroom combo.

Spinach and mushroom tartiflette recipe

Our tartiflette is made with layers of sliced par boiled potatoes, spinach, garlic and onions, sliced pre cooked mushrooms and  smoked Applewood cheese. The dish is bathed in a cream and veggie stock sauce and placed in the oven to cook till golden brown 

To add an extra smokiness to the dish we have added Applewood smoked cheese. The spinach and mushroom tartiflette is served with a simple tomato and green salad with a mustard dressing.

Our second favourite veggie spinach and mushroom dish must be the risotto, the smooth, creamy cheesiness of the risotto marries perfectly with the spinach and mushroom combo

Spinach and Mushroom Risotto with a Walnut Crumb

A simple risotto flavoured with fresh spinach and caramelized mushrooms and topped with a crispy walnut crumb 

Spinach and mushroom risotto recipe

A risotto of rice, wine, onions, celery, and parmesan forms the base of this dish. The risotto is flavoured firstly with fresh spinach which is added directly to the risotto, and then pre-cooked slices of mushrooms, cooked till golden brown and fully caramelised are added to complete the risotto. The risotto is finished with a crumb of brown bread, walnuts, and cheddar cheese to add extra crunch to this deliciously creamy dish  

Our last vegetarian spinach and mushroom dish has to be a curry, due to the strong base flavours of spinach and mushroom we have chosen a hot curry to get your taste buds really tingling.

Mushroom and Spinach Curry with Popadoms

A hot vegetarian curry made with mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, and onions, cooked in a medley of hot spices including hot scotch bonnet chilli, garlic, fresh ginger, bay leaves, cloves, cardamom, cumin, coriander and garam masala. Serve this delicious spinach and mushroom curry with red lentil rice and crispy popadoms.

Mushroom and spinach curry recipe

Spinach and mushrooms with chicken

Our first spinach and mushroom meat dish combines a delicious, herb and lemon chicken with a spinach and mushroom risotto 

Marinated chicken with spinach & mushroom risotto

This simple spinach and mushroom risotto makes a delicious accompaniment to this Italian marinated chicken. 

Chicken spinach and mushroom risotto recipe

The chicken is marinated in a traditional marinade of garlic, lemon, oregano, thyme, and basil, and griddled till golden brown. It is served with a simple risotto of rice, wine, onions, celery, and parmesan with fresh spinach and pre-cooked caramelised slices of mushroom. This marinated chicken with mushroom and spinach risotto make the perfect combo for a delicious evening meal or simple dinner party menu

Quick and Easy Spinach and Mushroom Recipe

Our final mushroom and spinach dish has to be a quick and easy dish we have chosen a easy to prepare spinach and mushroom cream flavoured with mustard to put on our jacket potatoes, perfect for those busy after work dinners 

Jacket potato with bacon, spinach and mushroom cream 

Baked potatoes are the perfect quick cook dinner idea, so we created our own mushroom and spinach topping. Simple caramelised mushroom slices, with wilted spinach in a creamy sauce of creme fraiche and mustard, with a touch of salty, crunch from lightly fried crispy bacon. To complete the dish, we added delicious roasted cherry tomatoes. This recipe is a quick and simple alternative to your regular jacket potato toppings

Jacket potato with bacon, spinach and mushroom recipe

Spinach and mushrooms is one of our top food combinations, this is just a selection of some of our favourite recipes, check out our recipe section for more delicious recipes

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