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20 + Pork meals

Tasty pork and cured meat like bacon and chorizo make ideal ingredients to make fantastic dinner ideas, pan fries, tasty risottos, hashes, pizzas and pastas for quick meal ideas. Pork roasts, stews and pasta bakes for delicious comfort food 

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Dinner Ideas with Pork


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Pork ideas for dinner tonight

Pork is a perfect for both comfort foods like stews and roasts and is perfect for both quick and easy dinner using pork fillets and cured meats  and We have picked recipes from around the world to ensure a delicious variety of pork  dinners and meals with cured meats perfect for your dinner tonight 

Pork fillet meal ideas

Pork fillet is very versatile it can be roasted or can be sliced for pan fries warm salads and and stir frys, it is quick to cook and low in fat . Pork fillet or tenderloin can easily become tough so it needs to be cooked quickly or wrapped in a more robust meat higher in fat to stop it drying out. 

Pork Chops dinner ideas

Pork chops are ideal for pan fries and casseroles, it cooks quickly and because it is on the bone it adds loads of flavour to your sauce. 

Pork sausage dinner ideas

Pork sausages are an ideal cut of meat, they can be used for casseroles, pan frys and pasta dishes to name but a few, they are perfect for both quick cooks and slow casseroles 

Cured meats 

There are a fantastic array of cured meats that can be used to add flavour and texture to pastas, hashes, pizzas and stews. We use cured meats that are readily available in the supermarket such as bacon, chorizo, parma ham and salami.