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Lamb Meals

Delicious lamb dinner ideas, Lamb stews, oven bakes like Greek moussaka, delicious warm salads with marinated lamb and tasty traybakes

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Dinner Ideas with Lamb


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Lamb Dinner ideas 

Lamb is a rich meat with a variety of different cuts, form stewing lamb and shanks perfect for stews and curries, lamb chops perfect for pan fry and traybakes, and minced lamb great for oven bakes 

Lamb chop dinner ideas

Lamb chops are perfect for oven and tray bakes, add extra flavour by marinating the lamb first before cooking or glaze during cooking with sweet glazes like honey or red current jelly. 

Minced Lamb dinner ideas

Minced lamb is perfect for oven baking and makes delicious dishes like moussaka or shepards pie 

Lamb stew, shanks and curry dinner ideas

Stewing lamb and lamb shanks make delicious stews and curries, lamb goes really well with red wine, white wine and beer making tasty gravies for your stews.