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20+ Chicken meals

Delicious chicken dinner ideas, pan fried for those quick and easy meals  or oven baked for extra flavour, however you like your chicken we have the perfect chicken recipes to make your taste buds tingle

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Dinner Ideas with Chicken


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Chicken dishes for dinner

Chicken is one of the most versatile meats and is perfect for both quick and easy dinner using chicken breasts and slower cooked dinners using chicken thighs and legs. We have picked recipes from around the world to ensure a delicious variety of chicken dinners perfect for your dinner tonight 

Chicken breast recipes for dinner

Chicken breasts are ideal for quick and easy dinner ideas from traditional pan fries to goujons and burgers and not forgetting deliciously crisp and healthy stir frys. When you are looking for a quick meal ideas chicken breasts are the perfect ingredient, sliced, diced or cooked whole they make a tasty main course 

Chicken leg and thigh dinner ideas

Chicken thighs and legs on the bone make delicious stews and mini roasts and can be used on the barbeque too. Flavour can be added easily using marinades and we have exciting dishes from all around the world like sticky chicken from Korean, Harissa chicken from the middle east. Chicken thighs can also be bought with the bones removed these are known as chicken thigh fillets and make delicious dishes such as teriyaki chicken. 

Chicken Wings 

Chicken wings are mostly used for starter dishes due to the small amount of meat on the wings.