Food History - Popular Meals in the 70s

We undeniably have a lot to thank the 70s for. From the exquisite fashion choices that still crop up in trends today (flares anyone?) to a colourful tapestry of musical hits that are still considered to be the greatest songs in the world today. The 1970’s gave us David Bowie, some questionable hairstyles, ABBA and the very first female Prime Minister. Aside from these iconic elements of history, the 70s also gave us some culinary delights to be proud of. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore some of the most popular meals of the 70s in this nostalgic blog post.


Melba Toast Melba toast is a dry, crispy and thinly sliced bread that regularly frequented the starters table at many 70s dinner parties. Whether served as an accompaniment to soup, or garnished with cream cheese or pate, this crunchy, thin toast is sure to be a hit. To make your own melba toast, begin by lightly toasting your bread on either side. Then, laterally slice your bread to create an incredibly thin slice. Grill it softly on either side once again until totally crispy. Grilling it twice is the secret to getting that delicious crispy texture! Classic Party Canapes Believe it or not, many of the classic party canapes you know and love today were coined in the 70s! Whether it’s a simple children’s party or an informal gathering with friends, you’re bound to have noticed some of these classic 70s foods cropping up time and time again. The first item to make this shortlist is the classic cheese and pineapple on a cocktail stick. We also have cheese and olives on a stick. Melon and ham on a stick, melon with cocktail cherries and cheese and silverskin onions on a stick! Essentially, if it’s easy to pop on a cocktail stick and serve on a platter then you’ve got a perfect 1970s starter item!

Main Courses

Pineapple Chicken In a 70s twist on the perfect combination of sweet and sour. Pineapple chicken was a much-loved household dinner throughout the decade. Combining the classic savoury taste of chicken with a sharp pang of sweetness from pineapple, this dish is a true flavour sensation, which is undeniably why it became so popular! We would recommend using breaded chicken for an added crunch, and adding some spring onions as a colourful and tasty garnish for this timeless dish. Quiche We couldn’t possibly mention the top meals of the 70s without paying homage to the quiche! This delightful egg-based delicacy continues to act as a popular meal choice or appetiser at almost any event or gathering to this day, which proves just how popular this simple but effective little dish can be. A quiche is a savoury open tart, which consists of a pastry crust filled with eggs, milk or cream and the fillings/toppings of your choice before baking. The best part about quiche is that it is equally delicious when hot or cold, and completely customisable to your personal taste! Simply pop in your fillings of choice and enjoy your super simple yet incredibly effective 70s style dinner. Our modern version of the quiche is our tomato, saffron and ricotta tart

Carrot Cake When it comes to the world of cakes, cakes which have a slightly savoury twist are often met with a mixed response, however, it’s incredibly difficult to find someone who doesn’t appreciate a good slice of carrot cake. The unique and comforting taste of carrot cake, particularly when garnished with cream cheese as it so often was in the 70s, was always a huge hit at parties during the iconic decade of the 70s, and continues to be one of the UK’s most loved types of cake today! Whilst there are an almost endless range of different carrot cake recipes, we particularly recommend the ones with a sprinkling of cinnamon for that extra warmth. 

Arctic Roll The Arctic Roll is a simply iconic British dessert which truly came into its own in the 70s, but continues to be a heartwarming family favourite that is cracked out at special occasions to this very day. An arctic roll is a long section of vanilla ice cream decorated in a layer of raspberry sauce before being wrapped in a thin layer of sponge cake. It’s then dusted with icing sugar and sliced to serve. This is a dish that is simply guaranteed to be a hit with all ages! We hope this glorious list of popular 70s dishes has evoked some nostalgia within you and encouraged you to pay tribute to this glorious decade the next time you host a dinner party. Whether you’re cracking out the cheese and pineapple or dusting off your apron to whip up a carrot cake - remember these delicacies brought to us from the amazing 70s - and why not pop on some Ziggy Stardust while you’re at it?

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