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Flexitarian Recipes

A delicious collection dinner ideas and recipes for flexitarians and part-time veggies from stews and oven bakes to quick stir fries, pastas and salads stunning vegetable, bean, lentil and pasta recipes making your meat-free days something to look forward too !

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60+ Meat Free Flexitarian Recipes


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About Our flexitarian recipes

Flexitarians or reducetarians eat a plant based diet but still include the occasional meat meal, this collection is our choice of non meat dishes. We have focused on traditionally meat based dishes and replaced them with a vegetarian equivalent, lentil lasagne replaces beef lasagne or mushroom stroganoff instead of steak stroganoff. Check out your favourite meat dishes and replace it with one of our veggie equivalents. 

We have also created some delicious veggie recipes backed full of beans, vegetables and cheeses to tempt you. Take the plunge change your diet and swap out a few meat days for some veggie days.

If you would like to make the swap but just don't have time to plan it, then check out our eat less meat app the Virtual HomeCook.  Our recipe app is full of our delicious recipes and will automatically plan your meat and veggie days for you into a delicious monthly menu personalised with your likes and dislikes making your evening meal so simple!