Veggie American Dinner Party Menu

This veggie America menu is packed with tradition American dishes and meal ideas.



Leek & blue cheese tartlet with roasted tomatoes



Southern fried cauliflower with slaw & chipotle cream



Blueberry & white chocolate cheesecake

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The best veggie American menu

This menu is packed full of vegetarian American cuisine. The starter is  a simple blue cheese and leek tart. served with balsamic cherry tomatoes. The main course is crisp cauliflower coated in a southern bread mix and served with coleslaw and a  chipotle cream. The dessert is a delicious American style cheesecake with a biscuit base, and a cream cheese filling flavoured with a blueberry syrup. 

When to use this menu

This menu is ideal for a summer veggie dinner party, and is perfect for a family meal or a casual dinner with friends. if your entertaining adults and children you might want to substitute the blue cheese for a milder cheese 

Difficulty level

This menu is simple to cook and easy to prepare leaving plenty of time to spend with your guests.

Cooking Order

Day before                         
  • make the blueberry cheesecake
  • marinade the cauliflower
  • make the pastry for the tart rest in fridge
  • make the pastry cases cover with cling film and refrigerate
Morning of party               
  • coat the cauliflower in the bread mix rest in the fridge till ready to cook
  • make the chipotle cream place in fridge
Two hours before   
  •  Make the coleslaw
20 minutes before           
  • cook the tarts and tomatoes
Before you eat starters 
  • place the cauliflower in the oven

Top Tips

  • Make sure you rest your pastry for the tart before rolling out into the pastry cases.
  • Don’t make the coleslaw too early

Keep an eye on

Your cauliflower while your eating your starter