Dinner Ideas

Meal Plans

If you fancy planning meals for the week but don't have time, Try our 5 day meal plans during the week and our treat plans for the weekend, loads of delicious recipes for all food lifestyles. Fancy letting us create your meal plans? Take a look at the SoCook app 

Make personalised meal plan & dinner parties menus in minutes

The Virtual HomeCook app automatically creates monthly meal plans and shopping lists that match your lifestyle and tastes. If you love to socialise it has a fantastic dinner party planner with an automatic shopping list! Find out more

Build your weekly meal plans

Our meal plans focus on cooking with fresh ingredients, whatever your food lifestyle. We create meal plans that fit all diets with meal plans for

30 mins meal plans for busy people

Healthy meal plans packed full of fresh nutritious ingredients

budget meal plans for the cost-conscious

easy meal plans for beginners and new cooks

Autumn Winter meal plans  - stews, curries and more

Spring and Summer meal plans - salads, stir fry and more

Meat eater meal plans - with delicious dinners including chicken, beef and more

Vegetarian meal plans packed full of meat-free dinners

We have 5-day plans and 3-day weekend plans so you can mix and match to create your one-week meal plan

Automatic weekly dinner planner 

Organising meal plans isn't easy with loads of recipes available on the internet or in recipe books, finding the right recipes to add to your food plan can be time-consuming.  At SoCook we use technology to create a meal planner and shopping list, saving you time and energy in planning and shopping as well as cooking.

Monthly dinner or meal ideas

We have a unique approach to meal planning, we produce a personalised 4-week cycle menu, packed full of weekly meal ideas. Once you have your plan, you can swap any recipes you want to, reducing your recipe search time dramatically. When you are happy with your meal plan just add the meals to your shopping list with the touch of a button.  Our automated meal planner allows you to create personalised meal plans in minutes. 

Single, Couple or Family meal plans 

      Our food app is designed for busy people who love food but hate planning, all your meals are planned for you with delicious weekly menu ideas personalised for you. Our app allows you to plan whether you are single, in a couple or a family, just set the number of people you want to cook for and you will get an individual meal plan, a plan for a couple or a family meal plan. 

      The time scale for your food planner

      Our rolling monthly meal plan allows you to personalise the timescales for your plan and shopping list to meet your needs you can plan and shop for

      • monthly meal plans
      • 2-week meal plans 
      • weekly food plan or 7-day meal plans
      • 5-day food plans
      • shop every few days or even daily! 

      Just click on the number of recipes you want to add to your shopping list and your plan and shopping list is complete

      Automated meal planning give it a try

      Delegate planning your meals to the SoCook app and it will plan your evening meal and organise your shopping list so you don't have to!