SoCook Shopping List

How to use the SoCook App Shopping List

Our app creates your ideal weekly meal plans automatically, so once you have reviewed your personalised food plan then its time to shop. You can shop as often as you like every day once a week what ever suits your schedule. Simply click the shopping basket on the meals you want to shop for, and the app will automatically create a shopping list with all the ingredients you need for your meals 

Adding a meal to the shopping list

Plan a shopping trip

The shopping list is split into two sections 

Fresh ingredients - these are ingredients like vegetables, milk, fresh herbs these ingredients are automatically put on the shopping list. 

If you already have any of the items simply click the cupboard icon and the item will be removed from your shopping list 

Stock ingredients - these are ingredients you may have in your cupboard such as flour, sugar, dried herbs 

These ingredients are not automatically added to the shopping list if you are running out of these you just click the shopping bag, and they are added to the list 

Use the grocery list as a quick check list to make sure you don’t buy anything you already have in the cupboard or fridge. 

You can also cut and paste the shopping list contents into other apps or supermarket shopping baskets

Shopping for a meal