Your Personalised Meal plan

Solve the age-old problem of what to have for dinner by delegating it to our dinner planning app, Just input your chosen food lifestyle, any dislikes you have, and get your very own personalised calendar plan for the perfect dinner every night. 

Just minutes planning and

Delicious dinners every night

Your menu plan is created in seconds - but if you want to swap out the odd meal for one of your favourites or to use up ingredients in your fridge you can do it in seconds

Personalise your meal plan

When creating your menu you can change your preference to match your lifestyle. You can mix and match the preferences, and add your dislikes to get an individual menu to suit you perfectly.

Match your meal plan to your lifestyle

  •         Thinking of going veggie or reducing the amount of meat you eat? Change the number of meat days easily
  •         Personalise the menu to match your food lifestyle.
  •         Add any ingredients you don’t like and we will make sure they don’t appear on your menu .

Remove a meal from your menu