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Perfectly Planned

The virtualhomecook is designed for busy people who love food.

Delicious recipes combined into weekly menus and personalised to your own individual tastes. The question  “what shall we have for dinner?” will never cross your lips again

The virtualhomecook will supply you with a constant stream of new meals and menu ideas. No effort required

We will organise your week, no thinking, no planning, just amazing meals every night



Food Every Night

How does it work?

Download the app and chose your favourite food lifestyle, add your likes and dislikes and the virtualhomecook will provide you with a personalised menu and shopping list at the press of a button.

It’s then over to you to check out the menu, if there is anything you don’t fancy then simply swap it for one of your favourites or one of our tasty seasonal swaps.

Once you’re happy with your menu just click to create a shopping list ….




The shopping list has all the ingredients to make your personalised menu, it also allows you to add your regular shopping items to the list getting you totally organised for the week ahead.

The virtualhomecook also has a great store cupboard feature which allows you to check your standard items to make sure you have enough in the fridge or cupboard to complete the recipes.

The list is grouped into food types that can be reorganised to appear in the same order as your chosen supermarket, making the shopping experience more efficient and less stressful.

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