Quick Work Nights Meal Plan

The perfect quick meal plan with recipes from around the world. These quick recipes are ideal for busy worknight.

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More about our quick work nights meal plan

This delicious meal plan packed full of quick and easy dinner ideas,  is inspired by recipes from around the world,

Monday's Meal

Vietnamese chicken goujons, the chicken goujons are marinated in white wine, fish sauce and sugar and then fried in a light batter, these crispy goujons are served on a bed of spinach, bell peppers, cabbage, carrots, cucumber and spring onions. 

Tuesday's Meal 

Mediterranean marinated lamb with feta, peas & artichokes. The lamb fillet is marinated in honey and oregano, and served with a mixture of mashed peas artichokes and feta flavoured with mint, dill, garlic and lemon the lamb is served with pitta bread coated in garlic butter.

Wednesday's Meal

Mexican steak fajitas, the steak is marinated with garlic and fajita seasoning, the steak is cooked and wrapped in tortillas with red peppers, salad leaves, avocados, tomato chilli salsa and sour cream chipotle dressing.

Thursday's Meal

A delicious Spanish omelette made with crunchy red pepper, crispy chorizo, red onions and slices of potatoes flavoured with garlic, paprika, parsley and manchego cheese, served with a green salad

Friday's Meal

A mouth watering simple stir fry, with thin strips of duck marinated with soy sauce, garlic, ginger, honey and orange, Stir fried with a selection of delicious green vegetables, pak choi, asparagus, broccoli and spring onions. 

Who is this plan for

This meal plan is packed with recipes under 30 minutes the meals are quick to cook and ideal for after work dinners .

  • busy people looking for recipes under 30 minutes
  • people who love recipes from around the world
  • For beginner cooks

Difficulty Rating

All these salads are simple to cook

Top Tips

  • marinate meats the night before 
  • when frying the goujons don't have the oil too hot


What topping do you put on a fajita?

  • grilled meats in particular chicken and steak 
  • guacamole
  • flavoured sour cream, 
  • Salsa in particular tomato based salsas add a hint of chilli
  • grated cheese