Modern Middle Eastern Menu -Dinner Party

This menu is inspired by the tastes and herb combinations of the middle east.


Spinach and feta cheese tart


Harissa sticky chicken with pistachio and olive pilaf


chocolate orange tart with spiced oranges

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About our Modern Middle Eastern Menu

Themed dinner parties are a great idea,   This menu is inspired by the flavours of the middle east and is an excellent winter dinner party menu. The starter is the most traditional dish and is a filo pastry tart filled with a selection of cheeses, herbs, pine nuts and lemon. The main course is chicken marinated in a traditional harissa spice blend of hot peppers, cumin, coriander, caraway and mint known. The chicken is served with a rice pilaf of tomatoes and red onions flavoured with coriander, cumin, pomegranate seeds, pistachios and olives.The dessert is a chocolate orange tart with spiced oranges made with dark chocolate, oranges, honey and cardamom.

Difficulty level

This menu is easy to medium difficulty.

Cooking Order

Day before    

  • make the chocolate tart store in the fridg3

Morning of the party
  • make the cheese pine nut tart don't cook cover with clingfilm and store in the freezer
  • prepare the vegetables and nuts for the pilaf
One hour before
  • prepare the chicken for the oven 
  • cook the vegetables for the pilaf, do not add the rice set a side
  • remove the chocolate tart and oranges from the fridge
20 minutes before

place the cheese and pine nut into the oven

15 minutes before 

place the chicken in the oven

5 minutes before the main course

reheat the pilaf to the heat and add the rice