Greek Dinner Party menu

If your looking for some new ideas for your dinner party why not try a Greek theme, this 3 course menu is packed full of traditional Greek foods. 


Spinach and feta filo parcels served with a creamy tzatziki dip


Hearty lamb and aubergine moussaka with fresh green salad and a herby tomato dressing


Karidopita a Greek walnut cake flavoured with oranges and warm spices.

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About this Menu

This menu is a well balanced selection of traditional Greek recipes. The starter is crispy filo parcels stuffed with a delicious mixture of wilted spinach, soft creamy feta cheese and crispy onions mixed with oregano, garlic, nutmeg and lemon juice, the parcels are cooked till golden brown and served warm with a cool tzatziki dip. The main course lamb moussaka is minced lamb in a rich tomato flavoured with cinnamon, cumin and mint. The mince is layered in a casserole dish with fried aubergine slices and topped with potato slices and cheese sauce. This delicious lamb moussaka is served with a fresh green salad, dressed with a tomato dressing. For dessert, a karidopita walnut cake flavoured with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves and laced with a syrup of  orange, vanilla and brandy.

Difficulty level

This menu is easy as all the recipes can be made ahead of time and either warmed or popped in the oven on the day

Cooking Order

Day before   
  • make the Karidopita cake and store in an air tight container
  • make the spinach and feta parcels cook them in the oven till just light brown allow to cool, wrap in cling film and store in the fridge
  • make the lamb sauce for the moussaka allow to cool completely,  place in a lidded container in the fridge
  • fry the aubergine slices,  allow to cool, store in the fridge wrapped in cling film 
Morning before  
  • Make the cheese sauce for the moussaka
  • make the salad dressing
one hour before           
  • slice the potatoes 
  • layer up the moussaka ready to cook 
  • make the salad, dont add the dressing yet
  • Decorate the cake and place on a serving plate
10 mins before 
  • Place the moussaka in the oven 
  • Reheat the spinach and feta parcels for 4 to 5  minutes
2 mins before serving the starter
  • remove the parcels from the oven and place on a serving plate with the tzatziki dip
5 mins before serving the main  
  • remove the moussaka from the oven
  • coat the salad with some dressing but the remainder in a jug for the guest to add extra if they wish
5 mins before serving the dessert
  • remove the ice cream from the freezer  

Top Tips

  • Don't add to much syrup to the cake add it a bit at a time,and let it soak in slowly
  • Don't put to much fat on the filo pastry

Keep an eye on

  • The filo parcels when you reheat them set a timer and don't forget about them 
  • Don't forget to get your ice cream out of the freezer so its not to hard to serve