5 different Autumn Salads

Autumn Salads

As the end of the summer grows closer and we move towards autumn there are mixed feeling among us all. Those who love the crisp winter mornings will be looking forward to Christmas. While others who love the sun will be lamenting the end of the summer. Making it the perfect time for some autumn salads.

To plan this week’s menu we set out to find the perfect mix of summer salad freshness and warm winter comfort food. We hope you enjoy our selection of salads, and that they help to make your transition from summer to autumn as enjoyable as possible.

Monday – Chilli Roast Sweet Potato, Courgette, Hazelnut & Pear Salad

Sweet Potato, Courgette, Hazelnut & Pear Salad

The chilli roast sweet potato, courgette, hazelnut and pear salad makes the Monday slot as it’s very healthy and meet the criteria of a great meat free Monday dish. This dish gave us a true sense of autumn both in colour and taste.

The mixture of roast sweet potatoes and courgettes with roasted pears and hazelnuts definitely transported us to a late afternoon in autumn. The addition of a chilli kick and the subtle warmth of the sesame oil took this recipe to another level.

This dish is from the cookbook Savour by Peter Gordon. We left this recipe pretty much as described in the book. We did simplify a little by just crushing the garlic and adding it to the dressing.

Tuesday – Marinated lamb with Feta Curd, Peas

Marinated lamb with Feta Curd, Peas and Artichokes

This dish matches perfectly the criteria for the autumn salads. The feta, mint and pea salad provides a cool refreshing sense of summer. The combination of rich lamb, marinated in oregano and sweet honey with the warm garlic pitta bread gives a fantastic winter warmth. Check out the recipe here

This recipe originates from the cookbook Smashing Plates by Maria Elia The original recipe was a little too summery for this menu. To add warmth we removed the curd and added the garlic pitta.

Finally for those of you who are not a fan of artichokes, this recipe works well without,so feel free to leave them out.

Wednesday – Harissa Sticky Chicken with Pomegranate, Pistachios & Olive Rice

Harissa Sticky Chicken with Pomegranate, Pistachios & olive Rice

We really wanted to include a chicken and brown rice salad dish in our autumn salads collection. Nothing says comfort more than chicken and rice.

We chose harissa sticky chicken with pomegranate, pistachios & olive rice as the lemony harissa chicken gave us a real sense of summer . The deep flavours of brown rice, black olives and pistachio gave us a real sense of warmth. The addition of the pomegranate gave an excellent splash of summer colour.

For me personally pomegranate remains me of autumn, as they are something I will always associate with Hull Fair which comes to town every October.

The rice salad element of this dish is a recipe by Jamie Oliver, while the Harissa chicken is a SoCook dish.

Thursday – Courgette Wrap with Herby Tomatoes, Avocado & Parmesan Mayo

Courgette Wrap with Herby Tomatoes, Avocado & Parmesan Mayo

We wanted to include a salad veggie wrap in our autumn salads menu. We decide to make this a SoCook creation. The warmth and comfort comes from the breaded coating surrounding the courgette and the succulent roast cherry tomatoes.

The sense of summer comes from combination of crunchy lettuce and cool avocado. The wrap is brought together by the rich garlic and parmesan dressing.

The courgette wrap with herby tomatoes, avocado & parmesan mayo are incredibly filling. For those of you who like your carbs, we have included our paprika and garlic flavoured sweet potato chips . The chips compliment these wraps perfectly.

Friday – Southern Fried Chicken with Slaw & Chipotle Cream

Southern Fried Chicken with Slaw & Chipotle Cream

This salad is one of my absolute favourites hence it gets the Friday night spot. If I am honest I wish I could take credit for this one, but this salad is from one of my favourite cookery book “Around the world salads” by, Katie & Ginnearlo Caldesi.

The slaw combines the sweetness, freshness and the perfect level of crunch I associate with a fresh summer salad. The coleslaw is made with red cabbage, apples and pears and for extra crunch a scattering of peanuts.

The chicken is pre marinated in paprika lemon and mustard to give it an amazing depth of flavour and warmth. It is then coated in a herb and spice crust giving it true comfort food credentials.

The dish is completed with a smoky hot pepper chipotle dressing that ties the whole dish together perfectly. We recommend you cook double, as the southern fried chicken with slaw is ideal for lunch over the weekend.

five late summer salads

We hope you enjoy our autumn salads menu. If you would like more weekly menus take a look at our soon to be available app the virtualhomecook